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What is it?

Flashpod is a Macromedia Flash-based Podcast player. We may include it in a future release of MDID, as an audio player.

What kinds of podcasts will it play?

It will play most iTunes podcasts. Because Flash Player 8.x does not play MPEG4 audio files, it will not play podcasts that link to MPEG 4 (.mp4) audion files.

Why use Flashpod to play podcasts?

Flashpod uses the Macromedia Flash 8 (or higher) player, which is installed on most computers. It allows you to listen to a podcast without having to download and install iTunes and then locate the podcast of interest.

Where do I get it?

Flashpod (copyright 2006 James Madison University) is distributed freely under an open source license. It is distributed via this web site.

Version 1.0

Download it now!

Version 1.1

Download it now!

  • Version 1.1 is backwards compatible with you version 1.0 object tags, embed tags and JavaScript.
  • It adds two new features:
    • A property called "firstplay" that determines whether and which episode should be loaded after the Podcast feed is loaded. Possible values include "top" (first episode in list), "bottom" (last episode in list) and "wait" (no episode is played...wait for user to select an episode through drop-down list or through JavaScript interaction).
    • A function accessible through JavaScript that loads a particular episode. The episode is identified by its <item><enclosure> "URL" attributes. Example JavaScript function call (Internet Explorer):

Security issues

IMPORTANT: If you plan to place the Flashpod SWF on the server that is generating your podcast feed, you can ignore this section. Otherwise: Macromedia has imposed certain restrictions on the Flash player that make it difficult for a SWF file (e.g. this Flashpod SWF) coming from Server X to retrieve information from Server Y. In order for the Flashpod SWF coming from Server X to retrieve a podcast feed from Server Y, Server Y must explicity permit a SWF file coming from Server X to talk to itself (Server Y). This is accomplished via Cross Domain Policy files. Obviously, most podcast feed servers do will NOT explicitly allow SWF files to retrieve information from them. Therefore, if you are using Flashpod to retrieve podcast feeds from external servers, you will have to implement some sort of podcast feed relay. Sample code for a .NET-based feed relay is included in the Flashpod download below. You can add a cross domain policy file to your own podcast feed server in order to allow SWFs, such as Flashpod, originating from other servers to retrieve podcasts feeds from your server.



Coming soon. The download includes sample HTML files for displaying Flashpod within an HTML page and for displaying Flashpod in a pop-up window.

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